BMW 120d has been seen on the US roads

1-series | September 12th, 2007 by 5

In my previous article, I was showing you the BMW 535d being registered and driven in Michigan state. Today, I am going to show you …

In my previous article, I was showing you the BMW 535d being registered and driven in Michigan state. Today, I am going to show you the BMW 120d, still a diesel engine, and again the car is registered in Michigan.

I once again believe that this 120d is just a test vehicle and BMW has never publicly announced if the US customers will be getting the hatchback version of the 1-series.

We know for a fact that next year, we will be only getting the 1-series coupe and BMW will definitely not going to release the 120d hatchback in the same year. My guess is that if the 1-series sales will exceed their expectations, BMW might diversify their line by probably adding the hatchback versions as well.

In my opinion, the BMW 120d will be a great commuter and the fuel economy will be significant.

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5 responses to “BMW 120d has been seen on the US roads”

  1. Josh Brehm says:

    Please! Please! Please! This is the car I want! I’ll gladly give up my old 524td and plunk down the money for a 120d!!!

    I have a feeling lots of other Americans would, too. C’mon BMW! Throw us a bone!!

  2. Ron Dwyer says:

    I am a former 524TD owner and would like to have another that gets good mileage. Too bad the e-28 body style is long gone.

  3. Ted says:

    Would love this car for a commuter! Plus the 1er’s don’t look that bad, and I’ve always wanted to import a 1er hatch from the UK, but now I could just go out and buy one. Great news if they do bring it over.

  4. Mike says:

    If BMW does not anounce their intent to bring this car to the US before the VW Golf TDI’s are out, then they can kiss this potential purchaser goodbye. Looks like VW likes counting US dollars while BMW ignores the US potential.

  5. JAY says:

    I drove the 2005 120d for 3 years in Germany. This car is was the first generation with 163 HP and an awesome 250 ft lbs of torque. Factory specs give a 137 mph topspeed, and the car is rock-solid all the way to top speed. Coupled with the superb 6-speed manual tranny, this car is the ultimate economy and fun driving machine.

    Fuel economy is amazing. Cruise control at 60 mph will net you about 50 miles per gallon….no joke. Driving at a steady 120 mph on the German autobahn, mileage looks more like 20 MPG. ;-)

    The car was trouble-free for the first 120,000 miles. I will do what I can to get me another 120 d now that I am back in the states.

    Superb handling in all situations that makes many car makers green with envy and fuel economy that hardly any car can touch, I love this car as a daily comuter.

    Not a fire-breather, but it will get you there fast, economically AND in German style. ;-)

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