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In a previous article on the BMW 135i coupe price, I have stated my opinion on what the base price might be for the BMW …

In a previous article on the BMW 135i coupe price, I have stated my opinion on what the base price might be for the BMW 135i coupe. Back then, I mentioned that the price for the 135i Coupe could be and it makes sense to be placed around $35,000. I have based my statement on the fact that the BMW 135i comes with an M-tuned sport suspension, standard 18-inch aluminum wheels with high performance tires and an M-body kit.

For example, the M package, or the competition package for the E46 M3, it’s around $4000, so it would make perfect sense for BMW to offer the package standard so they can attract the bimmer fans and enthusiasts, but in the same time BMW will have to raise the price and step into the territory of its higher class cars, such as the BMW 328i.

But looking back at my arguments, I realized that I might have not taken into consideration all the facts.
As we know, this is the first time that the BMW 1-series is coming to United States and BMW has to be very careful with the price it sets on this car, because this will be a hit or miss situation. If the BMW 135i Coupe price will be too high, it will be difficult for them to attract the younger crowd they’re expecting and in the same time, it will drive away the first time BMW buyers that are looking for the best deal out there on their new BMW. They have to get this right because the BMW 1-series could become their best seller models in the US.

Another argument against the $35,000 price that I have mentioned before is that by coming out with this price, the BMW 328i sales will definitely take a hit since it will make more sense for the buyers to go for the more powerful engine and unique design found on the 135i coupe.

I’m sure BMWUSA has taken already in consideration these facts and my new prediction is that the price for the BMW 135i coupe will be set between $33,000 – $33,500 , while the BMW 128i coupe will be sold for around $27,000. If I’m wrong about this, the first person that sends me an email after the official prices will be released, will receive a valuable BMW gift. If not, then all of you will have to read my blog and put up with my interesting stories. Deal? :)

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  1. joelk says:

    Hi Irv,

    I appreciate your comments and believe you are correct that the 1 series introduction is very important for bmw to do right.

    However, the way I see it the intro bmw buyer or budget minded purchaser always has the 128i.

    Also, I doubt the 135i would affect 328 sales as much as you suggest. They seem to be targeted to very different customers.

    I still predict – my own swag – a very cheap 128 and a 34.5k 135i …

    i believe the term is halo car

  2. Shaun says:

    Hope you are right. I am chomping at the bit and was offered an ordered 335 coupe today at 48+ no nav but sport and premium. Decided against and gave a deposit to my home dealership on the 1. Not sure how they will play but if the 1 cashes out at 42k I am going for the 3 coupe. Funny thing, when you get serious about these cars and start looking at 2+2 the others seem huge. Love my bmws but ready to go smaller/faster

  3. Enigma says:

    I am with you Shaun. I also hope it is in the 33K price range and able to be chewed down to 27-28K like I could with an RX8. *crosses fingers*

  4. Irv Robinson says:

    joelk, you’re right the the 135i is targeted towards different customers, but in the end, a lot of people will start thinking what is worth more for them: the speed of the BMW 135i or the larger space in the 328i.

    I strongly believe that the 135i will not go over the 33.5k border.

  5. Big Tone says:

    The 1-series Convertible to set to battle the Mazda MX-5. Fully Loaded PRT MX-5 Miata isn’t more than $28.5K. How will BMW put the Convertible against the Miata at $35K.

    I suggest that the 128i will be $25.5K and the 135i will be $30K and 135i convertible at $34K.

  6. CC says:

    In Germany the 335i costs €45.000 and the 135i costs €45.200! Compared to the 335i standard features the 135i does comes with some extra features, like the M suspension (but not the M package) and 18″ alloys, but do not explain the price. If the US gets the same price differentiation as Germany the 135i is going to cost US $40,000-$41,000. If that will be the case I wonder who would choose a 135i over a 335i…I wouldn’t…

  7. PEter Juliano says:

    The base price for the 135i Coupe will be: $35,675 with the option packages ala-carte or packaged in three Premium bundles.

    Where’s my valuable BMW gift?/? Thanks.

  8. adrian says:

    real pricing info at h t t p: www . webpiece . net

  9. Jose says:

    In Latin America, a BMW is not less than 80,000. DAMN

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