BMW 135 vs BMW 335 comparison

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As most of us know by now, the BMW 135i will be coming to the US sometimes next spring. I have written an article about …

As most of us know by now, the BMW 135i will be coming to the US sometimes next spring. I have written an article about the BMW 135 showing some specifications and features and also some wonderful official press photos.

Everyone, in the car industry, that I have spoken to, are very excited about this new BMW model. Of course, most of us started to wonder if the BMW 135i will have a higher success than its “bigger brother”, the BMW 335i. The sales on the 335 sedan and 335 coupe are amazingly high, the production slots are almost filled, and this is a sign that everybody loves the new BMW award winning twin-turbo engine.

Now getting to the point of this article, I and several of my friends started debating which model is better looking and which one looks classier or sportier: the BMW 135i or the 335i. So, with the help of Google and some photos that I have found on, I was able to put together some nice comparison pictures. This follows the article that I wrote on the BMW E46 M3 vs E92 M3 .

And guess what? I have decided to make another poll to find out your opinions. Yes, I know, I tend to make a lot of polls on different subjects.

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BMW 335 BMW 135

BMW 335 BMW 135

My opinion was that the 135i looks sportier, more appealing to younger crowd and it sports an amazing engine while being lighter than the 335.

What’s your opinion?

61 responses to “BMW 135 vs BMW 335 comparison”

  1. JB says:

    Yo, The 335 kicks ass. It sad to see that BMW has chosen to take the low road and make the 135. It totally takes the class and prestige away from the 3 series. Now we’re just another Honda or Toyota. I have a 335cpe now and am considering selling it. The prestige and thrill are gone. The cars look so much a like that most drivers on the road will simple confuse the two, so there will be no pride in driving the damn thing anymore. People confuse Lexus and Camry all the time and now the same will happen for 335 and 135 drivers. BMW really made a bad decision to lower their standards. Mercedes did the same with the 190E and look what that did them. it was the laughing stock of German auto world. I understand the need to boost sales, but if that was the case, then simply drop the MSRP by 2,000 and trust me that people will love getting the car this nice for just under 50K(with all necessary pkgs – no parking assist- duh)

  2. Daniel says:

    it’s interesting to see how this will play out, if the entry price is fair, then the 1-series will be sucessful

  3. Peter Urbanski says:

    I think this car will be amazing. The 335 has no hope, same engine smaller car, do the math. This is also suppose to be a no frills BMW with with clear ties to it’s heritage the 2002. Look out all you richies, it’s a poor mans BMW that will nock the socks off most other bigger, more expensive BMW. Oh and JB, just because you think what you pay for it is what makes you, it’s all about the drive not how much it costs. I’m glad to hear that your leaving the BMW class, it wasn’t meant for people like you.

  4. DLTV says:

    I personally like the dual exhaust of the 335i. And for the idiot that said it would take away from BWM image. What a material dork your mother must of raised you to be. It’s about the engineering not how much $$ it cost you to buy the ride.

  5. Michael J Shimon says:

    I agree with several other respondees that marketing the 135i here is a poor decision on the part of BMW. It too closely resembles the 335i and it should not be powered by the same twin-turbo. The instant I saw this car profiled in CarAndDriver I said ‘WTF’ are they (BMW) thinking. It cheapens, in most respects, the 335. I had slated next model year as the year to purchase my first BMW, but I am now reconsidering. I have earned a step up – THAT”S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! – not just peddle-to-the-metal, burning up good rubber, and profit. You can burn rubber with a junkbox Mustang if that is all you are interested in doing. I am interested in great engineering AND the uniqueness in both price and looks that the 335i coupe brings to the table. The 135i is going to diminish this. I do not want a similiar looking car in every other parking stall, like you have with Honda. The Honda is a great utilitarian car, but it has no distinction, and it has no status. Yes, I said status (shame on me!.) I will say again that I have earned through very hard work, a step up. I do not want my 335i Coupe competing with a 135i targeted at the ‘younger’ crowd. Let them buy Civic SI and turbo-charged Subarus. I do not wish to own or drive a car driven by the average rope-a-dope! BMW is about engineering AND distinction. The 135i goes a long way in removing the distinction of the 335i Coupe – what a shame.

  6. GAL says:

    It’s a shame some people think that the 1 series BMW will take away from the their status of owning a 3 series BMW. I could probably say the same thing about them since I own a 5 series BMW (M5), but I won’t. It’s all about getting great cars to as many people as they can, so they can keep going forward enhancing all of their product lines. Anyone who knows anything about BMW’s will be able to tell the difference between models. I for one am thinking about purchasing one, the performance side of this vehicle, is outstanding, and would be great to drive around and enjoy!!!! I think some 3 series owners are upset because this new 135i will have the same twin turbo 6, and be lighter by some 200-300 pounds, be cheaper, and be faster, for less money. They will not be able to hold the fact they have a 3 series over the 135i owner, no bragging rights. The thing of it is the 3 series , like the other series have certain items that the other series don’t have, so just enjoy what you have, and quit worrying about the other guy.

  7. GAL says:

    Some people seem to think only young people will buy the 135i, guess what I’m 57, bought my first BMW 2 years ago. The M5 I have is great, but I also like the 135i for what it brings to the table. If anyone should be complaining about how inexpensive it is, should be me. I have $88,000.00 in my BMW, but I’m not, because the cars are different. The 135i is not going to cheapen the 335i anymore than the 335i would cheapen my M5. Each car brings it’s own set of standards and equipment, that make it unique. Get over the status thing, these are cars, and should represent your personality,and needs, not just because you can afford it and someone else can’t. Everyone has the right to buy what ever car they can afford, and if this 135i means more people can own a BMW, bring them on, but lets face it, most people today cann’t afford to buy a car that basically doesn’t have any back seat, as an everyday driver, that costs $35,000.00. If some are willing to buy something else other than a BMW because of the 135i, they weren’t wanting the BMW for the right reasons. You buy the BMW for the quality,performance, and the driving pleasure it gives you, not as a status symbol.

  8. C Marsh says:

    I love BMWs esp the 3 series, but they are not what they used to be. Now i see more soccor moms driving the three series than anyone else (California). The model is not as sporty or aggressive as they have been in the past. The 135i is truly puting the sport back in the make since the three series is now more luxurious than sport. My first car was an old E36 and i loved it, and i still love the style, i just couldn’t bring myself to pay the sticker price when there are many faster cars in the same range. The 135i is everything i am looking for and i am excited for its release.

  9. Irv Robinson says:

    C Marsh, I would have to disagree a little. While I love the E36 and E46 models, I think the E9x models are a step forward.

  10. racerjae says:

    For those of you who already own a 335 coupe and are upset that the 135 will cheapen their car, get over it! How is this any different than someone who owns a 535 sedan with the same engine as the 335 sedan? Do you hear the 535 owner griping? No! He likes the fact that his car has more room, is more comfortable, and is a class above. Enough said.

  11. rhouse says:

    Having the income of a recently graduated college student, the lower MSRP of the 135 will enable me to drive my dream car at age 22. The second BMW listened to the tuner crowd and threw some turbos on their amazing inline six, it was any car ENTHUSIASTS wildest dream. Its simple, Big motor + little car = fun! A chip from Hamann puts you over 400hp… what else can touch that?

  12. tmon says:

    I have a 330ci and love it but dont understand why ever model has to get larger and larger. This is the main reason I want a 135 because I dont need a car as large as what used to be a 5 series and dont need an M or a two seater. I could give a crap about if younger drivers drive it as long as it doesnt look like a tweeker FAST and FURIOUS POS. I do hate that slow people and people that should have a mini van drive beamers but this is America and you can do whatever the hell you want just like BMW should sell whatever they want in keeping with integrity. They have done this more than any other current company and sell these models in Europe already so where is the dilution buddy??
    Remember the commercial from Audi about the beamer guy working on his hair instead of driving? How much did you get paid for doing that spot anyway?

  13. AFAIK, the 1 and 3 series are all built on the same platform and production lines, and BMW in Europe always said it citing near 60% or more of the components are shared between the cars. If you compare suspensions and other chassis specifics you will find there is really little similarities withe the previous E46. The only cars still “E46 based” (altought heavily tweaked) are the Z4 and the X3.

  14. harry ballzack says:

    i cant wait untill this car comes out to see the pissed off look on 335i owners’ faces. vroom vroom baby. see you on the freeway.

  15. David says:

    Okay, I can see why a lot of people would like the 135, but better than the 335? I say this because I just made the decision of which to buy… 135 or 335? At first I thought the 135 would be really great because it has the same engine, but will be small/faster and for less money. After a more in depth consideration I’ve found theres one thing to be said for the 335…. It’s a lot nicer. You get a luxury car and a sports car with the 335 which kind of makes it unique for the price, where with the 135 I think you’re getting more of just a sports car which you can get with plenty of other cars. I personally wouldn’t choose luxury over sport, but if you can have both isn’t that a bmw? I have owned several sports cars when I was younger, but getting a little older I’ve come to value things like.. a trunk and a beautiful interior to surround you. Okay so it’s supposed to be 2/10 of a second slower in the 0-60… seriously if you think you are going to notice a difference there… your kidding yourself. I don’t have a problem with the 135, but it’s certainly not better than the 335.

  16. TooFunny says:

    Too funny seeing you poser losers that are actually going to sell your 335 or not buy one because this will somehow taint your image. Get over yourself and stop defining who you are by what you drive. Wow, what a joke. Now someone I don’t even know might not realize I spent 60k on this car, my world is undone!!!

    Get a life you losers.

  17. B says:

    Don’t worry about the 135 taking away from the “prestige” of your 3-series. Yes the 3 series is a nice car, but it’s not a status symbol. Come on, you can get one for less than my Crew Cab, 4×4 Chevy!

  18. Traviss says:

    I learned how to drive in a 335i and to see a 135i coming out early ext year in the low 30gs is nice. However why is everyone bitching over the fact it has the same engine and is lighter. The 5 series sports the same damn engines as the 3 series and the new 535i will have the new 135i engine as well we dont here them complaining about moral corruption. The difference between a 1 and a 3 is simply its a god damn 3 which means it has more room cost more money is more luxurious enough said there. So for all you winning grown ass men complaining you should personally go sell your bmw and get off teh market because you dont respect the car you already own

  19. Traviss says:

    ment to say whining in my comment above

  20. Traviss says:

    Oo and i thought about this while looking at the pictures. If an idiot is capable of mistaking a 1 series for a 3 series than they apparently dont own a bmw. Because i see huge differences in the car in terms of the headlights, tail lights, mufflers, and the top

  21. Lex Luthor says:

    I think the people that are worried about “the prestige” of the 3 series probably can’t drive #1 and should be Mercedes Owners (Not AMG) and #2 don’t understand BMW’s I’m 27 and my 1st car was a red 1985 325e 5 speed with 180,*** miles on the clock. that I got as a hand me down in 1997… I LOVED that car. It was light, fun to drive, had almost perfect balance and feedback. Right Now I Own a 2005 Landrover LR3 and a 2002 CLK AMG. (Own not leased or loaned) Could I afford a 3 series?… certainly… I haven’t bought one for the simple fact that they feel large and over refined and didn’t give me that “fun to drive” feeling that my 1st car did. they have been getting larger and larger since the E30. I “ALMOST” bought an E46 M3 but needed 4 doors. and I’ve been waiting FOREVER for a car like the 135 to be brought to market. I think it will be more of an enthusiasts car maybe even envoking the long lost 2002 spirit. I mean with leases now a days ANYONE can get Into a BMW, MERC or Lexus. some just do it for the wrong reason. I sell Cars for a Living working at a Lexus dealership and I deal with people that are paying stupid money for an LS460 that they can’t honestly afford to be in.(so they LOOK rich) At the same time I have MULTI-Millionaires that will come in and buy a simple ES or RX(That ARE RICH). I’ll tell you 85% of the cars you see on the road are leased. I can Lease a 3 series for around the same as a fully loaded Toyota Camry. SO WHO CARES!?!… Get the car that If fun for you and In your budget and stop being a SNOB!!!… Before you start blowing money on a car you cant afford, buy a house, stash a little bit of money away, get your investments right and THEN reward youself with a nice car. My cars aren’t knew but they’re mine and I’ll drive em till the wheels fall off…lol “Buy what appreciates in value and lease what deppreciates”

  22. 1stKnight says:

    I live in the UK and I’ve driven the 135i – my neighbour recently took delivery of one and we compared it to my 335i coupe.

    Firstly, the 135i feels faster. It is faster by BMW’s official figures but not by much due to the fact that the 135i is not nearly as light as some were thinking it would be; indeed, the difference is that of a small child which in modern luxury cars is negligible. The brakes are better and the car feels better on narrow, twisty roads.
    It is quite a bit smaller so it is not as practical as the 335i. It doesn’t look as classy or as nice as the 335i but is more aggressive – we shared this opinion. In the UK, a reasonably specc’ed 135i is very close in price to that of a standard 335i.

    On the road and in side by side runs, there is nothing between them it would seem. The 135i didn’t prove to be faster in real terms than my 335i. Off the line we shared honours – the difference is so small that the slightest driver error would dictate the outcome.

    The 135i is a very nice package overall – it is sporty and is fast. It looks like it will definitely appeal to the younger crowd who don’t need a larger car. Personally, I prefer the 335i – mine in particular with 230-style wheels looks way better to me, it handles better than my driving ability and is just awesome.

  23. Shawn says:

    I like the 135 better. I only wish it had dual exhaust.

  24. Tony says:

    You Bimmer fanboys never cease to amaze!. You’re more than willing to pay over 30 large for the “junior mints” cut down I35?. With the growing drop in the value of the dollar, prolly end up paying more. No doubt the
    BMW “stealers” will jack up the price even more with a “market adjustment” addition to the factory sticker. Tell me how much you love it when the “emulation software” that mimics a *real* limited slip differential breaks.

  25. David says:


    If you think a company like BMW has not already considered the effects of the dropping US dollar when pricing what they expect to be their highest volume selling car than you are clearly as economically sound thinking as ben bernanke. If the dollar continues to decline faster than expected they would simply…. whoa… wait for it…. its monumental…… omg… here it comes…. increase the sticker price ??? Wow.. how simple, traditional and non decietful a solution is that eh? And… Whats wrong with emulation software? Odds are greater of a real lsd breaking than a computer program. They weren’t going to put a real lsd on it, so would you rather nothing? or some software to help out?

    Anyways.. the greater point here is… If you don’t think the car is a smart buy for the price its at don’t buy it. They were asking about how people like it compared to the 335. Care to answer that instead of ranting about off topic silliness?

  26. philippe says:

    i have driven the 335 and it is an incredible car. the coupe is very refined looking. i saw the 135 at the montreal auto show and i must admit it looked much better than on the pictures . i also felt that although narrower i had more head room . there are no compromises for the front passengers but there isn’t much space in the back . i am leaning towards the 135 because it has been designed as a fun car and visibility seems better than the 335 . also the first time i saw a bmw it was the 2002 in 1971 and i was totally amazed on how it handled the road . initially i thought i was getting in a datsun type of car , boy was i surprised . i believe that the much younger crowd will go for the 128 version because of cost . the next demographic echelon will go for the 3 series sedan because of its practical qualities . only then , the 135 will attract more the purist who does not need the back space because perhaps he has other cars and wants the true driving experience . it won’t be the young crowd but the older crowd with a bit of money that are young at heart . who cares about prestige , life is too short , just have fun . philippe

  27. Pratul says:

    BMW are fools to release the 135 with the same exact engine as the 335i. The whole reason anyone would buy the 335i is for the performance aspect, in addition to its luxuriousness. Once this cheaper, slightly better performing 135 releases, demand for their 335 will strongly diminish. I suspect BMW is considering redesigning/repacking the 335i or even eliminating it in the near future. It just does nto make sense to have a 1 series and 3 series with the same engine in a marketing perspective. Anyone who wants a 3 series for its features/luxury will go with a 328, and anyone who wants performance (most people, not everyone) will go with the 135i.. so whos left to buy the 335i? People with big budgets and lots of money who don’t give a shit about a 5-10k difference.

    BMW should have released the 135 most definately as they can attract a larger market share of the younger crowd, but they could have gotten away with this with making it ALMOST as fast as the 335i.. near 335 speed. That would be much more appropriate for its pricing and target audience, and to seperate the 335i on the performance scale. The younger crowd can this buy the 135 and add performance parts to it as they wish.

    And lastly, I personally think the 135 looks horrible. It loooks like a bubbly girly version of the 335i and is much to small looking. The 335i has that big body aggressive look which holds consistent to what it packs under the hood. The 135 screams “look at me! im a fast beamer with wanna be deformed looks!”

    Time to sell my 335i and buy a g37..

  28. Manimal says:

    Many folks seem to be comparing the 135i and the 335i very closely these days, and with good reason. They appear, on paper anyway, very identical. But, one is less expensive. Yes, the 135i is smaller, shorter wheel base ( I assume), a tad lighter. What it all comes down to for me, is not what the paper tells me it can do, but how much fun it is to drive. My question to all is: Which one offers more driving satisfaction? If you have driven both, please be VERY specific. I want the one thats just more fun, but if they are “about the same” or relativly close in that catagory, I guess I’d prefer the 335i coupe(?).

    Question: Whats more fun, 135i or the 335i?
    (For those who know, be specific, steering, brakes, ride, what you notice that isn’t realy described on spec sheets)

  29. Manimal says:

    OH and thank you 1stKnight, any more detail would be welcome, especialy how they differ in the twisties. Does the 135 drive with more confidance? is it more preditcable? Thanks again-enjoy your sweet ride.

  30. 1stKnight says:

    Hi Manimal,

    I would have to say…that the 135i is more fun to drive. I know where you are coming from having sold my previous car – BMW 330cd convertible – for not being as much fun to drive as my Z4 was. Both convertibles but the little Z4 had the E46 licked on the twisty roads. I bought the 335i because I need 4 seats at the moment and it comes close to the Z4 for sheer thrills. I’ll be looking at the Z4’s replacement or a Porsche Boxster next time around precisely because of the fun factor and I’ll want to return to open-top motoring.

    135i vs 335i for fun? As I typed above, I would have to conclude that the 135i has the edge here – it is slightly lighter albeit not that noticeable really but the smaller car did inspire me with more confidence in the tight twisty stuff – the better brakes will be a factor here too.

    The 335i is a brilliant car and suits me just fine at present so I’m not tempted by the 135i personally but I can certainly appreciate why many will want one! I like the 335i’s stance, looks, power and handling and I like all those things in the 135i too – but I do prefer the looks and space of the 335i when it comes to choosing between them.

    Either way, both are fantastic cars and will put plenty of smiles on their owners faces but I suspect the 135i owner may just have a slightly wider grin on twisty country roads; just my personal opinion though!

  31. Manimal says:

    Thanks for all that input, it’s refreshing to finaly get solid word on driving experience between the two cars versus reading disputes between stats for hours, so I appreciate it.

    Sounds like two BMW’s perform in a near-similar fashion, and are not so different to be a deal breaker (like the Z4 maybe as it will perform very differently), if that makes any sense, speaking from a performance perspective.

    I’d love to drive a Z4, but these damn Minnesota winters keep any such cool cars away. Already I crashed my 325i into a snow bank, hit my garage trying to avoid a snow bank (diff time), and got royaly stuck and had to have a POLICE 4X4 physically push me out of the snow. So im jelous.

    Well, I just have one last question for you. BMW gear boxes are traditonly notchy, as is mine, and according to, so is the 335i’s gear box. However, I did read in a indepenant reveiw, that the 135i’s gear box is dead on and silky smooth, with no notchyness. I’d think they’d share the same gear box? Whats your take?

    Thanks for all the help again!

    Freezing Minnesota

  32. Manimal says:

    Edit: In gearbox, I refer to the 6speed manual.

  33. 1stKnight says:

    Hi Manimal,

    I have a 6 speed manual in my car as did the 135i I had the pleasure of driving. I’m not sure if the gearboxes are different – I assumed that they were the same. I can’t say I noticed any difference really. I’m happy with my 6 speed, it is smooth enough.

  34. Manimal says:

    Thanks for that quick info. I ask only because I have had issues with mine, and worry it’s cronic. Around 15k miles off the lot, the tranny was totaly replaced because it failed to “sync” corectly and i thought that maybe the notchyness was a warning sign! I think it’s just an isolated issue, but made me wary that notchy tranny’s mean poor syncing, but I dont’ think thats the case anymore. I have to go deal with a 5 hour statics class now. Thanks agian. Enjoy the 3!


  35. Brian says:

    Hey Peter

    If you’re going to tell someone that they belong in the BMW class, you should at least understand the difference between “you’re” and “your.”

    As far as being concerned that the 135 will somehow diminish the 335 because it’s cheaper and a tenth of a second faster, that’s totally absurd. Having ordered a 335 a few months ago, I could have waited a couple of months for the 135, but I’m happy to have what I feel is a better car. Though I would have bought an M3 if I could afford one.

  36. Peter says:

    I think this will open up the market to all new car owners.

  37. DenverRob says:

    Pratul – your post concerns me in two ways;

    1) I’m afraid that you represent the current moral fiber and intelligence of the US poulation today. This would be a VERY scary thing for the rest of us.

    2) You seem to be so concerned about the “status” that your 335 affords you over others. I might be accurate in guessing that you have a big BMW key chain that you plop down face up at the bar so everyone can admire your success and general awesomeness! You are the MAN! Better hide it though when a 5,6,or 7 series owner walks in! Lol

    I just sold my Audi S4 to make room for my new jet black 135i which arrives tomorrow. You could compare my S4 to a 335ix in your world (hey that’s a more expensive car than YOURS- gasp!)I was enamored by the car’s sports orientation and quality fit/finish.I have been on the waiting list for 4 months now – after my test drive of the 135i and 335i the same day I can say that I am happy with my decision. It fits the perfect niche for me in the performance auto world – enough to sell my excellent S4.You will not find too many of the masses purchasing the 135i as the officially released price plus options places this car well about the practical financial range of most who were initally looking to purchase after the press release.So rest assured that there won’t be any Honda Civic customers encroaching on your elite BMW status In fact, most of the 135i owners will have considered both cars (and could afford both) – but went with the 135i because of the specific niche it fills for them – which the 335 may not.

    There you have it – your idiodic post concerned me enough to spend this time on my flight to respond.You must have purcahsed your 335 for specific reasons? Did those all go away when the 135 came out? Of course not – go enjoy your car and don’t worry about it. You sir – are an idiot!

  38. The Manimal says:

    DenverRob –
    Please don’t generalize entire populations based on a persons coments. It’s rude and I take offense. Eveyone seems to know “what all Americans are like” these days, but last I checked, the USA was one of the most diverce countries in the world? Anyway…getting back on topic…

    I am happy you got the 135I. I just drove my Dad’s 335I convertable. 1 series or 3 series, I think that engine is the finest I have ever driven. I hear the 1 series is a more fun car to drive over the 335I, too.

    Either way, I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with the 1 series, and the whole “prestige” thing is something you will only hear about on the net. Besides, the 135I is a spitting image of BMW’s roots, the 2002.

    I am just curious about what you think about the S4’s suspension in contrast to the 135i’s. A long time ago, I drove a 2001 S4 (biturbo6-i think) and really didn’t like the suspension. but that was 7 years ago. I think this is one of the largest differences between Audi and BMW, as both have fantasic engines, transmisions, and over all performance.

    What do you think, engine and tranny aside, Audi suspension, or BMW suspension? Till then, enjoy your 135i and it’s diesel like torque!

  39. DenverRob says:

    Hi Manimal –
    I actually live in the US as well, but had to make (admittedly a bit OTT) a comment about that original poster. I do agree that you don’t run into much of that kind of ignorance in person here (thankfully).

    To your point – I wasn’t really happy with the S4’s stock suspension either – so I actually put on a set of sport springs which made enough of an improvement for me. I don’t race on a track (my daily driver at least) so that was enough of a sporty improvement.

    In terms of BMW vs Audi – if your comparing stock suspensions I would definitely choose the BMW’s as it seems to be more sorted from both a comfort and sporty perspecive. It is a good comprimise- although I already have my eyes on a set of coil-overs for the 135 ;).

    Hope that helps and thanks for the good wishes – it’s exciting to be one day from my 135 !

  40. Georg Foltin says:

    BMW 135i Stick shifting or Automatic with SMG

    Im thinking to buy a BMW 135i…………..but i still dont know if i should buy a stick shift manual or the BMW Automatic system SMG-like!!!!!!!!!

    normaly im a fan of the manual – shifting!!!!!!!!!! but just a few days ago i drove the BMW M6 with SMG wich was a grade experience!!!!!!!! so i would like to know if its the same in the new BMW 135i………………
    so please send me your ideas/knowledge/facts


  41. DAVID ABRAHAM says:


  42. omangrl says:

    hi ive just ordered a 135i altho its not even been officially launched in the middle east (thats where i am) and ive ordered it as custom made so ive chosen everything from the exterior to the interior everything. and im sooooooooo excited and cant wait, trust me the 335 is a beauty i agree but the 135 has its own charm its a killer on the road with its strong engine nd sporty looks. thy r both so different but t he best part is.. i got mine ful options for the same price as i wud get for a 325,, so tht for 135 owners is an advantage ;) hehe cant waaaaaaaaaait,,

  43. Ben says:

    Other than being somewhat quicker, I don’t see the appeal of the 135. The 335 looks lower, wider, meaner and sleeker and has more room inside to boot. The price difference isn’t huge and the performance difference isn’t either for practical everyday usage.

  44. Rich says:

    Very interesting reading all of your thoughts.I think that the 335 sounds more like the car that will fit my needs. I love the 530 that I got last year for my wife and I have been thinking about one for myself. I have decided to change from Porsche ,which I have driven for over 20 years, to a 335. The bottom line to me is the performance and dependability.BMW has proven that they have the confidense in their product to back it with the best warranty in the business. The 335 is the best of both worlds…comfort and sports. A convertible can’t be too shabby.

  45. Artmic says:

    to all you poor souls that think a BMW 328/335 Coupe is some status symbol, HA<……. HAHAHAAH…….. hAHAHAHAHAAH

    a status symbol is something that few people can afford, how many 3 series BMW’s are sold in the USA? 80,000 ????
    status my ass… more like a entry level around the town beater…

    Now if any of you want status, might suggest getting a 6 series or 7 series BMW, or you might as well go for a Mercedes SL/CL/S class…… there, you will be surrounded by status then………

  46. Artmic says:

    all this status talk made me forget to comment on the 1 and 3 series comparison…

    I think the 1 series looks like a squished bug, perhaps the price would be ok, if the headlights were sexier, and the wheels 19 inch in size :)
    oh yeah, perhaps if the car was 2 inches wider, that would also improve the look of this “Girlie” car.

  47. Jonathan Johnson says:

    well the 135i has the advantage of being lighter than the 335i but there is no doubt that the 335 has that sporty aggressive look and that double exhaust system roar we all love…and not to forget the 335i has a better rear end styling. Id say the 335i is for the younger mans crowd and the 135i for the younger female/hairdressers crowd…but the 135i is a good idea! just don’t compare it with the 335i

  48. Mike says:

    Im a younger driver who dont get me wrong likes the 335 more. To me it just has a more sporty look with the two pipes cumin out of the back. I do like the one series but it doesnt strike me as to sporty. AND if you get the 1series with enough options (and convertible) your almost at the price of the 335 with decent options. So i think the 335 is better but thats just me.

  49. Chris says:

    So how can i compare these two…as an employee of BMW canada i have driven both the 335 and 135 upon their arrival to the streets of Vancouver and i will have to say that the 135 with the 6 speed, M short shifter is an amazing little car! what i did find when really driving hard was it handles better than the 335 thru turns due to weight and the wheel base. however as soon as applied the power it was almost like the car was to light and small to make full use of the twin turbo power. dont get me wrong it was great but i feel like a 135 should have an Xi option which would better accomodate the high power in a smaller car. reason i say this is beacause the a 335xi coupe is a way better use of the same engine compared to its rear wheel drive option. from driving both rear wheel drive 135 and 335 wheen the turbo power theres so much sudden power hitting the rear tires that they want to spin. of course the bmw traction control doesnt let you and in turn that grip and acceleration you;re looking for is dampened. you can fix this experience in a 335 but it wouldnt be as good if a 135 had all four powering this little pocket rocket. i’ve driven every M model BMW makes. the new V8 m3 is the best wothout comparison.BUT! M5, M6, and 760 drievn them and i was slightly let down i would rather have a tricked out 1 or 3 coupe!

  50. John Henry says:

    I went to Global Imports in Atlanta to buy a 135i and I was told I could order one and get 0.9% apr. I wanted to get the base model without the bells and whistles and they don’t keep that at the dealer. Every 135i Ive seen has been upwards of $40,000 and I haven’t seen a 135i with a manual transmission yet. Then they said If I ordered one it would be a 2009 and I couldn’t get anything better than 6.99%apr. So I ended up getting a 2008 335i coupe with lots of options for the same price I would have ended up paying for a 2009 135i base model. The 335i has so much torque I can’t imagine that motor powering anything smaller. That 135i must be a monster. But I love my 335i, originally I thought it was out of my range but they are cutting serious deals on the 2008 335i right now.

  51. Michael says:

    WHAT!!! 6.99%!!!! Thats complete shit i JUST got my 335 (that i ordered) so its an 09 stickshift with a few options and i got the 1.9%.
    Srry man

  52. John Henry says:

    Yeah I know. It’s total bullshit. I got 0.9%APR on my 335i. I don’t get the logic.

  53. MINI 335i says:

    I own a 335i coupe. I work at a MINI dealer and as many of you know is owned by BMW. I learned small cars equell big performance. So take it from me who owns the bigger 335i and loves it that the 135 is not a cheap down grade, it depends on what you want in a car. I will keep my 335 for now but anyone who rather spend there money on the 1, more power to you. That 1 must be tons of fun.

  54. commentator09 says:

    performance lover definitely choose 135i simply because better power-to-weight ratio. styling is a mixed bag, not elegant, buat more like toys.
    but everyday user might choose 335i, because heavier means more comfort, and the styling more elegant, not like kiddo-thing.

  55. Dr ONLY ONE GP says:

    I’m a proud owner of the 135i convertable, white with maroon interior. It really is a ROCKET SHIP. My heart always race everytime i take her for a spin.

  56. P says:

    My father has a 135i M Sport and I have to say it is superb. In the flesh is looks really muscular and I love the fact it has some real M car substance to it (6 pot brakes, electronic diff and special front bumper (sans fog lights) and rear spoiler). If BMW had decided to call it the M1, i think it would do the badging proud.

    He has previously had an E46 M3 coupe and a 335d M Sport coupe, both very rapid cars and out of all of them he says the 135 is the best to drive and the quickest. He has also driven a new M3 coupe very hard and whilst the M3 is quicker, for the price difference there is not so much to choose between them

  57. P says:

    Sorry as an additional comment, I would have to agree that the car is a bit pricey. My dads listed at over £36K (with heated leather, xenons, professional nav and bluetooth). At that money it wasnt an awful lot cheaper than his very high spec 335d. In this light I can understand someone choosing a 335i over one of these.

    I have to say though that the 135i is not the poor, cheaper relation to the 335i. It is every bit as well built and I think it suits people who want a smaller harder egded more driver focused car. I think the 335i is more GT than sports car (the 335d certainly was anyway) and I think the 135i has the 335i car over a barrel in that respect. It’s a different type of car for a different type of driver; both cars just happen to share the same engine.

  58. I do not leave a response, but I read some
    of the remarks on this page BMW 135 vs BMW 335 comparison. I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s
    okay. Could it be simply me or do some of these comments look as if they are coming from brain dead
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